Friday, June 7, 2013

Sharing - Difference between AP, Original & Water Set for Mobile Phone

Most of us owned a mobile phones and most comes with warranty for at least 1 year. However, are we aware of the difference between the warranties given by each retailer? Today, I would like to share on whats the difference between an Original warranty, AP Warranty and Water Set.
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There are many questions on what is it so important to make a right choice when buying a phone? Why would someone pay the extra few hundred dollars for the original set while some are willing to get an AP set at a lower price? Let's us go through some of the common questions asked.

Q1. The warranty between an Original Set and AP set are the same. So why should I pay extra for an Original set?
A1. While the duration of the warranty provided are the same, the terms and conditions would varies from one to another. Most original phones warranty covers LCD and accessories for 12 months while the AP only covers the phone for 12months to 24 months but the LCD are not covered. For the accessories, most would only cover for 6 months. For a Water Set, the seller might not even give you any warranty for the phone! 

Q2. Why is it so important to have original warranty? I still bring the phone to the shop I bought from should anything happens!
A2. We do not know what will happens in the future unless we can read it. If you are buying an AP set, any problems with the phone you will need to bring it back to the shop. If the shop closed down, then you can kiss your warranty good bye. On top of that, most AP set are being repaired by third party technicians. If they can't fix it, they will tell you a lot of stories that the damage is caused by you and warranty does not cover it! Again, kiss your warranty good bye.

Q3. Some local package does not come with additional accessories compared to those launched overseas. For example, local sets do not come with extra battery while some countries gives extra battery as part of the package. 
A3. While some AP sets comes with additional accessories, most are not. Some accessories might not even suits our country. For example, the charger. Due to different voltage and plugs in the world, the AP set you got might contains charger that has different pin than the standard one in Malaysia. 

Q4. What others problems i might face / experienced if I bought an AP set?
A4. For those who are lucky, then your phone will works as good as an Original set. But for those who are not, you might be getting a recond set instead of a new one. Some retailer brings in a used or refurbished phone and sell as a new set. This means you might be paying for a new phone but the fact is, the phone are a refurbish unit.

Knowing the difference of the different types of warranty, any questions? If not, let's proceeds.

Ok. Now I am willing to pay for the Original Set. But how do I know if the set is original?
There are many ways to differentiate an original phone over an AP set. The main one is the coverage of warranty. Ask the retailer and they will tell you. If not, just look at the warranty card. 

List of Authorised Dealer for Original Phones.

1. Apple - Apple International
2. HTC - SIS
3. Samsung - SME / FMG 
4. Nokia - Zitron / Avaxx
5. LG - Zitron
6. Sony Ericsson - Midlands / Thorus
7. Motorola - Brightstar / MDM
8. Blackerry - Brightstar 

There might be new appointed Authorised Dealer so you will need to check with the reseller.

Another way of identifying the warranty of the phone would be checking the IMEI. You are advised to check the IMEI on the phone against the box to ensure it match. Otherwise, demand for another unit! 

Lastly, you can compare the pricing of the phone. An original SME set Samsung Galaxy S3 are selling at around RM1950 - RM2199. If some one offers at RM1700 and below, you should suspects on the authenticity of the phone. 

Example of a AP warranty card

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